When it comes to maintaining your own website easily and cost effectively, Mavieo has the Content Management Solution for you.

Mavieo is built upon a proven framework (Detailed framework link), which has been refined over the last 5 years into one simple, easy to use graphic user interface for you.  Take back control of your web site, and let Mavieo do the work.

Not every website is identical, so we’ve created three basic packages to help you get an idea of what you may need to power your website.  Keep in mind, any of our modules can be added to your account. The packages below are pre-set  tiers to give you an idea of cost breakdown.

Content Management

  • Mavieo Framework
  • Content Management
  • Management
  • News/Events or Press Releases
  • Photo Gallery
  • Contact Inquiries
  • Member Management
  • Back up Module
  • Read More

Content Management SUPERCHARGED!

Content Management plus these additional modules

  • Audio
  • Video
  • Management
  • Member Permissions
  • Calendar of Events
  • Read More

Product Management

Content Management plus these additional modules

  • Product Management
  • Order Management
  • Order History
  • Securely Accept Credit Cards
  • Ever Expanding
  • Read More