Content Management Module Menu

The Module Menu is list of current options and functionality that can be easily integrated with your web site administration tools. If you don't see an option you are interested in, that doesn't mean we haven't developed it. Please do not hesitate to ask.

  • Framework Module


    The Framework is the code and database structure which your web site and all interfaces will run on. We've developed a 100% flexible framework to ensure the integrity of your web site and user experience. Configurations such as image sizes, site name, and global meta data are defined in this section.

    Every solid house needs a good foundation, think of the Mavieo framework as the foundation of your web site.

  • Content Management Module

    Content Management

    The biggest advantage that Mavieo has to offer is the flexibility you will get to determine when, who, and how your content gets updated. No longer do you have wait for your web designer to update your site, with Mavieo Content Management, we put the control back at your fingertips.

    With Mavieo Remote Content Management, it makes updating your content a breeze. Simply choose the content item you would like to edit, and using a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) Word like editor, modify your content in real time.

    Need to add a new page? No problem, simply click "create", enter a page title and content, and you're done! To get it to link from another page, make sure you create a new menu item and within minutes you have a new section on your web site.

  • News & Events Module

    News & Events

    Doubling as a press release forum, and integrated into the core content management package, the News & Events module lets administrators directly control news updates so your web audience can quickly view featured articles on your web site.

    Give users a brief teaser on your home page, or let them view the full article by clicking on the link, either way will let you keep your clients and customers up to date with what's new at your place of business.

    Updating News & Events has never been so easy!

  • Photo Gallery User Module

    Photo Gallery

    One of the many advantages to using the Mavieo Content Management system is the easy to use Photo Gallery module. Effortlessly upload new images to your web site galleries to showcase your business' work and to keep visitors coming back for more. There is no limit to the amount of galleries and categories you can have on your site.

    Also, with the Content Management SUPERCHARGED, let your customers comment on images!

  • Calendar of Events

    Calendar Of Events

    Listed in a traditional calendar format or quick view list, the Calendar of Events module will be a great way to communicate with your clients and customers about upcoming events. It's as easy as giving each event a time, date, location, and description.

    Within each description you can add images, pdf's, or links to any other web sites you'd like.


  • Product Management

    Product Management

    Need a quick and easy way to display your inventory for your potential customers to view online? With Mavieo's Product Management module easily associate product and product details to one or more categories, flag items for sale, feature them, and provide multiple photographs to enrich your customers viewing experience.

    Mavieo's Product Management Module can take managing your online inventory to a whole new level.

  • Blog Module


    Providing search engine food and up-to-date content is essential in retaining visitors and marketing towards new and potential customers. Let Mavieo Blog module help you and your staff create articles relevant to your business and website. Easily manage multiple blog categories, post dates, user comments, content, images within your content, and archives.

    With our new email-to-blog feature, make posts from any email account or send pictures straight from your phone!

  • Job Listings Module

    Job Listings

    Are you looking for a quick and effective way to reach qualified job applicants for your business? Simply ask us to integrate the Job Listing module and you'll be posting jobs directly to your web site in minutes. Provide a job title, brief description of the requirements, and let Mavieo Content Mangement know who to notify via email once an applicant has posted a resume! Once the job has been filled, de-activate the listing and save it for next time.

    Browse user information, cover letters, resumes, contact information, and notes all in the Mavieo Administrative section.

  • Video Module


    Our new video module allows YOU, to post videos from your hard drive directly to your web site. Simply give your video a title, category, image, and upload the video to the video section of your web site. Mavieo's dynamic linking technology allows you to embed videos directly into your content!

    *Please note video format must be .flv. We are currently in negotiations to license video conversion software so Mavieo clients can upload any format they wish, and we'll convert it for you on the fly.

  • Audio Module


    Free the music! If you are looking for a creative and simple solution to give listeners the chance to stream albums, Mavieo can help. Mavieo's Audio module will allow you publish up to 5 albums with unlimited songs titles. After you've created your album, with the accompanying artwork, simply associate the songs, and song order to that album.

    Specify if the user can download, play, or purchase. Our easy to use audio player makes it easy for any band, or spoken work client to publish audio.


  • Administrative User Module

    Administrative User

    Easily add up to five administrative members to your web site so they can make changes to all of the modules. As an administrator you will also be able to track information about each member such as their email address, notes, and their administrative history.

    For more information about administrative permissions, please see below for the Administrative Permissions module.



  • Administrator Permissions

    Administrator Permissions

    Where other Content Management Solutions fall short, Mavieo's Administrator Permissions module shines through allowing administrators to create accounts with permissions to selected modules. Only want one specific person in HR to create new job listings? Maybe only certian sales associates need to view contact inquires? With Mavieo's Administrator Permissions module, limit users to only modify what you want them too.



  • Testimonials


    What better way to promote your business then to let others do it for you! Effortlessly create featured and standard testimonials for your potential clients to view to help gain trust. Associate images with each testimonial, or let us create an aesthetically pleasing style to help portray your success stories!

    With our easy to use interface, and the success of your business, let Mavieo turn your stagnent website into a successful dyamic marketing powerhouse.

  • Currently In Development

    • E-commerce
    • Order Management
    • Newsletter Module